Why the letter “Z” in DeZign



Why do I use a Z in DeZign. Several reasons.

I had a Z in my maiden name.

I am inspired to use it.

I like the way it looks.

Out of Curiosity I looked up “Z’s” symbolic meaning. I was pleasantly surprised at this definition that appeared in my search feed.
Coincidence that this simple description aligns with my simple definition of our Raydiant DeZign and journey. Perhaps, or just a tiny validation of my living knowing and aligning with my DeZign. 

Native American Symbol Meaning for the Z or ZigZag

The “Z” or the zig zag is a common Native American symbol and motif.

The straight horizontal line in Native American glyphs

Represents Life upon the Earth (knowable, experienced.proven )connecting with heart/soul/consciousness  (perceiving, intuition, feelings)..Sky.

(As above so Below..)

If the center line of the Z slants left it indicates

The path of the soul – the journey of the spirit living in the physical. 

If the middle line in the Z slants to the right, this indicates

The inner force that directs, and guides from within to manifest without as passions or issues that compel a person to move into a chosen path of life.

The two horizontal lines (top and bottom – Earth/Heaven connecting the middle slant line) indicate

The journey of life and the understanding of its dynamics as we walk upon the  Earth or physical dimension – but also being connected to the unseen…the Heavens  unknowable and not physical while we are in human form.

The 26th Letter… 

It represents hope as it is considered to be a symbol of Peace