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Katrina teaches others how to transform and achieve success in their own lives. Intuitively Coaching, writing, or teaching, and guiding others towards their own unique Raydiant DeZign potential and purpose. She shares her intuitive and unique insights with the world.

Incorporating her first business at 25, KM Enterprize, Inc., a Municipal Building Permit Application and Consultation Service. For 15 years her clients were General Contractors, Builders, Realtors, Lawyers and Homeowners.  She obtained her Real Estate and Notary license at 26. Became a Real Estate Broker at 34. DeZigned, GC’ed and Built her ½ million dollar Dream Home on profit from her Real Estate Investments. Paid the mortgage off in two years. Managed the finances for her husband’s family Real Estate business for 20 years. She is joint owner of a Real Estate Investment Business and now primarily writes and teaches on and off line in her marketing business.

Among other accomplishments at 24 Katrina worked with her family to establish an outreach ministry in the 80’s until 1991.  During those years teaching bible study,  Sunday School, Singing and Co-leading the worship team on Sunday mornings. In the early years as part of the Leadership she guided those in need of support, and counsel. Occasionally teaching Sunday Service.
Since 1990 The Church has been thriving for the last 30 years under a wonderful Pastoral team, with a growing congregation.
She has transitioned from that ministry and experience to reach and serve a wider scope and become what she describes as a Life Style DeZigner. 

During those years in her 20′ and 30’s she underwent many tests and treatment for infertility. The treatments were very expensive, and exhaustive. By her tenacity, staying focused, and practicing what she teaches to her clients today, she can gratefully declare out of her many material accomplishments was becoming pregnant and baring her biggest blessing, two growing and thriving children, Paul-Anthony and Mia Angelina.

Her success can be summed up in three words, Awareness, Focus, Action. She always followed her intuition towards her desire, with deliberation and a plan. Mindset is based on perceptions and perspectives. Shifting and opening your mind to the endless possibilities, and opportunities that are presented. Even if you have no support or finances a way and provision appears. Pain is a hard taskmaster but effective teacher, and the greatest equalizer.

She started her self-study of psychology, scripture and philosophy from a very early age. In her 20’s she diligently dissected passages of scripture after Sunday service into the original Hebrew and Greek. Blindly believing any Religious leader or Authority is not wise neither responsible stewardship of ones life. A perpetual student she is committed to self study and discovery.

Today we have no excuse for ignorance nor delusion. There is a limitless amount of resources to study, especially via the internet, a treasure trove. Like a kid in a candy store her insatiable desire to understand human nature and Universal principals expressed in our lives is an ongoing quest. After 30 years and still counting her study and research of ancient systems, mind and body connections, healing modalities, quantum physics, history and other cultures the list is endless Via the internet .

Her work incorporates all her study and training in basic Reiki, EFT, and interpersonal communication. Also as a certified Intuitive Career, Relationship, Grief and Life Coach, and ordained Universal Minister she guides, helps renew and motivates others to live their Raydiant DeZigns.

What started out as her personal journey to free herself of frustration, pain, any and all hindrances to success. Regardless of her own inabilities, ignorance or finances, she knew expanding her awareness and being open to learning the systems, codes and principles and their common denominators and core essentials would give her success in her endeavors and assist her to have her own children, and succeed in life.  Yes, trial and error, many failures, divorce, abuse, disappointments and frustrations, questions and doubts, and mindset adjustments along the way. But she knew that even with her limited understanding of these principles t the time, the key is trusting, receiving and allowing the process to unfold. Essential elements for success in all situations.

Today Katrina’s passion has expanded to reach as many people as possible with her insights. Her work is a combination of intuiting, melding ancient to modern wisdom, energy management, some woo woo mixed with common sense, simple psychology and practical steps , unique insights, and a no nonsense New York sensibility and humor.

Developing programs and creating a community to teach her process and success principles.

As a Life DeZigner she is supporting and training others how they can allow, receive, and be guided by their own intuition. To Personally know their potential and purpose to obtain the Riches and Richness of life by eliminating their programmed blocks and beliefs. DeZign a life they love from the inside out !

She believes abundance is for everyone and shares her personal experiences and unique insights. Supporting others to live their own unique Raydiant DeZign potential and purpose. Everyone can succeed and live a Raydiant Life. To experience a life free of limitations and filled with possibility and promise, peace and blessings.



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