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welcome_96717588My intention for this site is to bring about a powerful awareness to those that visit, offering resources, and information, that I have sifted out for individuals seeking to change destructive patterns, heal from painful relationships, situations, and trauma. To begin to Dezign a Raydiant Life they love. A life filled with love, abundance happiness and peace of mind.

On my journey of self discovery, and healing from my own abuse, and childhood trauma I learned how too not stay stuck and live as only a survivor but emerg as a thriver.  I have gathered an eclectic array of information piecing the puzzle 
of this human life and journey practically implementing universal laws that eluded many of us before 
the internet was available.

Here is a safe place you will begin to learn profound truths as I have learned them, thru hundreds
of hours and years of research, trial and error on myself first and then with my clients. I found one profound yet simple truth, that until we really are determined to change our thinking and renew our minds we remain stuck and idle, and we do not heal completely and live a Raydiant Life.

I do not only offer information too validate abuse or trauma, the causes and effects but my main focus is to offer my information as the final step to truly moving beyond to a life worth living.

By personally taking this approach after wasting years re-hashing, and re-numerating my past and staying stuck….I began to breath easier, thinking clear, energized and was then able to have freedom in all areas of my life. I want this for you as well.

My desire is that I will be but an instrument, step up so to speak, offer my experience to help you on your journey.  A different perception to renew your minds one thought, one perspective shift at a time.
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